RSF Resource for Journalists’ Safety aims to empower independent journalists for them to better handle their online and offline security, provide better protection for their sources, and improve their knowledge of journalistic ethical standards.

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) is an international non-profit organisation based in Paris whose mandate is to defend and promote the right to information across the world. The expertise of RSF is recognised across all fields of journalism and it is renowned for its ability to mobilise an international network of trainers and counsellors. Over the past 35 years, RSF has operated numerous capacity building services in the world, including customised training curriculums for different regions and digital security training.

In order for journalists to be better equipped to face the dangers and deficiencies that threaten their essential work, this platform intends to provide them with physical safety, cyber security, and legal information. An RSF Resource for Journalists’ Safety also focuses on improving non professional journalists’ reporting abilities by training them on best practices and journalistic ethics.